All About Me....

I graduated high school in 1997, from Amos Clark Kingsbury High school, otherwise known as Medfield High school, where I was taught by Mrs. Rita Bernier. She really encouraged me to pursue my creative side. Because of her I received the academic achievement award in the arts.

I attended and graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth in 2001 with my BFA in Graphic Design/Illustration. Under the careful tutelage of one Mr. Jean-Francios Allaux. A political cartoonist from France. He was so thankful that I wanted to draw comic books instead of children's books like the rest of my class. He showed me many titles from europe and encouraged me to find my own style, to pull from what's out there then translate the best parts into my own work. I really have to thank him, because above all he taught me never to stop looking.

Most recently I am submitting my book for publishing, Seagate has had a long winding road one that hopefully will lead to fame and fortune... or at least a paper back, or something... o.O

Thank you to Linda, John, Michael, Misti, Sarah, Phil and all my other friends and loved ones who keep me going with this.